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A photographic journey in Chora

Little Venice, Panagia Paraportiani, and Windmills are the three stops where the camera will really go crazy. These are the most picturesque places in the country and appear in the international media, so they cannot be missing from your album. The route starts from the small beach of Chora and continues along the coastal pedestrian street, passing by the little church of Agios Nikolaos. First, you will meet the much-photographed Panagia Paraportiani, then Little Venice with the cafés and the houses hanging above the sea, and you will admire the historic windmills.

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Delos: A unique archaeological treasure

On the west of Mykonos and at a distance of 1.5 nautical miles is Delos, the sacred island of Greece, Apollo’s and Artemis’s birthplace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990. On this small island, just 5 km long and 1.3 km wide, inhabited since 2,500 BC, you will discover unique archaeological treasures of an entire ancient city, with magnificent houses [House with the Dolphins, House with the Masks, House with Dionysus where the exceptional mosaic of the god Dionysus riding a tiger was found], Theater, High School, Stadium, Sanctuaries, Palaestres, shops, and squares. Also, the fascinating Archaeological Museum of Delos houses Archaic and Hellenistic sculpture [8,000 sculptures, 3,000 inscriptions], portraits, and exceptional samples of home decoration: mosaics, frescoes, furnishings, marble and clay figurines as well as vases.

Information for tickets and tours: Delos-tours, tel. +302289028603

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The Armenistis Lighthouse

The Armenistis Lighthouse, located at a surveillance point in the homonymous area of Fanari on a hill, was formerly called Vourvoulakas; that is a vampire. It is an extremely remarkable monument of naval history and stands proudly on the hill’s edge overlooking Tinos. Its construction is connected with the sinking of the English steamer VOLTA [1887] at the Tinos-Mykonos crossing, where the 11 members of the crew drowned when it hit a rock due to dense fog. After the accident, it was deemed necessary to illuminate the passage; so, the lighthouse was built. It was equipped with the most modern mechanism of its time, ensuring a safe passage from 1891 to 1983. It is a magical place from where you will enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets of your life.

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Mykonos - Ano Mera - Monastery of Panagia Tourliani

One of the most beautiful villages and a must of your visit to the island is the picturesque mountain village of Ano Mera, where you will wander in beautiful alleys, visit a Kopanisti workshop and taste local flavors in traditional taverns. The next stop is the historic monastery of Panagia Tourliani [15th century], patron saint of the island, to admire the majestic building with its relief marble exterior decoration and inside an impressive wood-carved baroque iconostasis, post-Byzantine icons, church buildings, and the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary. The day will end with swimming on one of the beautiful northeastern beaches of the island.